Wolverine Review (Spoilers)

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Movies

Wolverine came to Korea Wednesday night, I just saw it tonight.  It starts out showing his childhood in Canada in 1845. From there we get a montage of him and his brother Sabertooth fighting in the Civil War, WWI, storming Normandy in WWII (Shades of Saving Private Ryan) and Vietnam. 

I don’t think we know the time period the rest of the movie is in, but I assume it’s the modern era.  Of course it’s before the first X-men movie, but remember that was in the near future.

Anyway next is a team of Black Ops mutants, led by a younger Stryker (Who was in X-men two.)  The team includes Wolverine, Sabertooth, Deadpool, the Blob (whose not fat yet) and a few others I didn’t know.  The team goes to Nigeria to recover a meteor, from which adamantium can be made.  While there Wolverine walks off because Stryker threatened the villagers lives.

6 years later Logan is living in Canada with Silverfox, when Stryker tracks him down. Apparently Sabertooth has been killing off old team members, and Wolverine is asked to stop him. He’s reluctant at first, but you can guess what happens next, after which he volunteers to get the admantium implants. The rest of the plot goes from here, with a few twists and turns that you might be able to guess.

Along the way he meets up with some old comrades.  In one scene he boxes (yes boxes) the now obese Blob.  That scene attempts comedy but really took me out of the movie as it seemed inconsistent with the tone of the whole story. There’s a shot where the claws come out of the boxing gloves that just looks bad.

In the final act we see some other mutants including a young Cyclops, which I thought was cool. A walking Xavier shows up at the end in a chopper taking the escapees away, apparently to the X-men first class movie now being planned. Xaviers face look really weird, like it was CGI so they wouldn’t have to pay Patrick Stewart to show up or something. Oh, it also shows how Logan lost his memory, in a way different from the comics, but I liked it.  

Come to think of it there’s lots of FX here that looked bad. Him coming out of fire, walking towards the sunset with his girl, but the worst is a shot of him jumping naked over a waterfall. That looked really bad.

There’s things that hardcore fans won’t like about this movie, but I thought some of the deviations from the comics were ineresting. Storywise it was ok, but overall it was kind of boring. The action scenes were ok, but the acting wasn’t great. I didn’t feel much suspense watching it. For example the scene where he gets the admantium should have been really hard to watch, but it wasn’t.  Plus there were too many FX shots that looked weird, like it was a low rent sci-fi movie.  Disapointing. Three stars.

P.S. There’s a scene where he meets an elderly couple that’s reminiscent of Ma and Pa Kent. Hahaha.


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