Star Trek movie review.

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Movies

Before you read this let me say I don’t know jack about Star Trek. I never cared for it much, but since I’m done with Star Wars, (see I decided to see the new Star Trek out of spite.

The plot is something that can only be done in a sci-fi story yet simple enough not to be confusing. One of the themes is the parrallels between Spock and Kirk.  We start with Kirks father becoming a ship captain for 12 minutes, sacrificing his life to save many, including his wife as she gives birth to James.  Cut to a rebelious pre-teen in an awesome car sequence to the tune of Sabatoge by the Beastie Boys. Cut later to an grown Kirk doing nothing with his life except getting in bar fights with Federation folk. Cut to the “what are you gonna do with your life/did you ever think you were born for something more” speech and he’s off to academy.

Meanwhile we see Spock being raised in a strict, logical, overly academic environment. (Something a I suspect a lot of Koreans can relate to) He rejects an offer to go to a science academy to go in the Starfleet, and struggles with his dual nature, as his father is Vulcan, and his mother is human. (Vulcan’s if you didn’t know don’t do the emotional thing)

Three years after Kirk leaves to academy the two meet and the bad guy unleashes his plot. (The villain is reposible for the death of Kirks father, and later for the death of Spocks mother) The plot invloves a way to destroy planets that is sort of the reverse of what Star War’s Death Star did. Inner conflict ensues between Spocks rational and Kirk’s unorthodox techniques, and we all know that Kirk ends up becoming captain of the ship at the end. Near the end there’s a ceremony to honor the crew of the Enterprise (this movie was had the maiden Voyage of the Enterprise by the way) and specifcally Kirk. The scene is remeniscent of the medal scene in Star Wars, but in a smaller room.

There’s a funny moment or two, but also a humerous spot or two that didn’t work, like what happens to Kirks hands as a result of an illness. Again I’ve never been a Trekker so I know nothing of any in jokes there might have been.  Often in remakes they’re are cameos from original cast members. This movie probrably has the best use of this ever in Lenoard Nemoy, as his appearance is actually an intregal part of the plot. However, as best as I can tell, it does open up a bit of a plot whole, along with an amazing coincidence.

Finally I’d heard this was a reboot of the franchise, but I didn’t understand because I thought it was just about the adventures of a young Kirk and Spock. I’d assumed it would still tie into the old tv shows continuity. However, due to the nature of the plot and what actually happens, it doesn’t. Which is nice if you think  about it, as it gives the writers the freedom to do what they want in future movies, games, etc. That’s probrably a good thing.

The FX were pretty good and clear, the action was good. I probrably won’t see any sequels only because I’m not as into the Star Trek world, but it was a decent movie. 4/5 stars.

Later this week, Angels and Demons, and a review of the Halloween remake, two years late!!!

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