Angels and Demons

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Movies

Angels and Demons features the return of Tom Hanks playing Harvard professor Robert Langdon as he is called by the Vatican to investigate a threat to the papacy. Most of the movie follows the events of one evening, in which, apparently the Illuminati, a secret anti-religious group, plans to blow up the Vatican. (The Illuminati was a real group in the middle ages, of course if you talk to conspiracists, they’re still around) Along the way themes of how science and religion compliment and conflict with each other pop up.

I won’t spoil anymore about the story. At first it seemed like another movie where the lead character is always talking about various historical facts as he goes from one location to the other searching for clues.  It does pick up toward the end with a pretty spectacular climax. It also has a series of false endings leading to a nice surprise/plot twist.

The violence is kept brief enough to be disturbing, but some parts could have been more suspenseful than they were.  Occasional witty dialogue is thrown in, and there are moments when Hanks plays his character like Sherlock Holmes, especially his opening scene.

Also of note is that while the novel Angels and Demons is set before the Davinci Code, the film seems to be the code’s sequel. Past “incidents” with the Catholic church are alluded to but not called out by name. What also interests me as a Christian is how the church was the enemy in the Davinci Code, while here they are the good guys.

I haven’t decided yet if this was better than the Davinci Code, but it definitely has a stronger third act. 4 and 1/4 stars.


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