DC Entertainment: Thinking out loud…

Posted: September 12, 2009 in Comic Books, Movies
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A week after the Disney Marvel news, Warner Brothers announced DC Entertainment, a corporate restructuring for the purpose of bringing DC characters across multimedia platforms.  The head of DC entertainment is Diane Nelson, who oversaw the Harry Potter franchise.

Naturally numerous questions abounded, such as will we finally see a Wonder Woman movie? Will there be a Superman reboot? Will we finally see a JLA movie/shared universe to compete with the Marvel movie universe/Avengers movie?

My question is why wasn’t this done 10, 20, or even 30 years ago? The first Superman movie in 1978 was a gamble. No comic book movie had been a smash hit before. Once it did hit big, why did they not follow up with a Batman movie? (Tim Burton’s Batman came over ten years later, (89) and by that time the Superman film series died a horrible death) Plus, the late 70s-early 80s was the Star Wars era, so why not throw a Green Lantern movie into the mix? In the early 80s, fantasy hit big with Arnold’s movie Conan the Barbarian. A Wonder Woman movie anyone? It all could have tied together and we could have had a JLA movie by 1986. Comic books greatest year indeed.

But it didn’t happen, oh well. Maybe it can finally happen now. DC, and Warner Brother specifically, if they want it bad enough, can still go toe to toe with the Marvel Movie universe. Here’s to hoping it happens.

More about DC entertainment can be read here.



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