This year I found myself on a Nitro kick. In 1995, WCW Monday Night Nitro aired on TNT, going head to head against WWF Raw on USA. This led to what many feel was the greatest era in wrestling history, the Monday Night Wars.

Unfortunately, I totally missed out on it, having sworn off wrestling maybe 4 years prior. Years later I’d heard about how special this time was, the NWO, Hogan as a villain, the Montreal Screwjob, Austin 3:16, wrestlers switching from one brand to the next, and in the midst of all that was ECW.

Anyway thanks to sites like youtube we can re-live these glory days, or see them for the first time. I found the first few months of Nitro available online and watched for a bit. Even pre-NWO (when Hogan was still a hero) was still pretty entertaining. One day I saw something that truly caught my eye. Check this out.

What did we just see! A great tag team W OMEN’S match. It was fast paced, back and forth, exciting and unique. Did you see the move at 5:16? Not to mention the other airborne moves and such.

Now, if you can bare it, watch this.

Now look I’m a guy ok. I like looking at hot chicks and bikini babes and all that but give me a break. I bet there’s a lot of other heterosexual male wrestling fans that feel the same way.  It’s a shame to watch that WCW match and see the direction WWE took women’s wrestling. Oh well.

P.S. The Japanese wrestlers were Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto, who defeated Mayumi Ozaki, Cutie Suzuki.


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