Sgt Rock Film, In the FUTURE: You gotta be kidding me.

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Comic Books, Movies
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       I’m not prone to fanboy rage these days, but I gotta call this one.

It’s been announced here that a Sgt Rock movie is in the works. Sgt. Rock is a DC comics character who fights Nazi baddies in WWII. He’s one of the great characters of war comics. Sounds like it’d make a good movie right, except it’s going to be set in the future.


       Really, I mean why even bother? Why not make a Superman movie where he’s a wizard, or a movie where Batman is a swamp monster. How about a Green Lantern movie starring Jack Black or a Catwoman movie where she gets powers from ancient Egypt… oh right.

           The article further states..

““Inglourious Basterds” notwithstanding, period war movies have not been in vogue in Hollywood for years, unless it was a more serious contemplation of the subject like “Saving Private Ryan.” Also, American jingoism went out of style after 9/11; even this summer’s G.I. Joe movie dropped the toy’s “A Real American Hero” tagline and made the action team internationally focused.

The studio hopes moving the time period to the future solves the dilemma.”


                      Whatever. It’s almost scripture now that when a movie respects it’s comic source material it does well. Regarding WWII, Isn’t Marvel making a Captain America movie set in WWII? Besides that we have endless reminders of movies being successful because they’re good, not because they’re trendy.

           So this is what DC entertainment is up too, and to think I got my hopes up. With any luck maybe after a few blunders like this Warner Brothers will just tap out and sell DC to Disney, putting Marvel and DC under the same roof.


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