2012 Movie Review

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Movies

Well in about two years it will be time for the world to end again, and Hollywood gave us a preview with the latest film simply called, 2012. It actually begins in 2009, and then goes into the far off future of 2010, showing us some scientific discoveries warning of the coming disaster. In short the biggest solar flare ever is microwaving Earth causing the core to heat up super-fast, which isn’t good apparently. This is discovered by this scientist guy named Adrian who works for the US government.

The Mayan phenomenon (of their calendar ending of 12/21/2012) is mentioned only in passing. A flash animation on the blog of Charlie the conspiracy nut sort of explains some geology theory from 1950 something, that supposedly Einstein agreed with. It’s better explained throughout the film as it’s actually happening. Charlie also mentions that other cultures like the Hopi’s predicted this as well.

While viewing this it seemed unclear if the disasters actually started on 12/21, but I assume it did. Much of the movie took place in the western US where there wouldn’t be snow, but one scene in Washington does have snow.

Anyway the disaster scenes look absolutely fantastic. It’s just beautiful watching the destruction. One laugh out loud moment is a subway car flying out of the ground. There’s lots of close calls and narrow escapes, but if that bothers you what are you doing watching a disaster movie in the first place?

What’s interesting is the sort of conspiracy subplot. The worlds governments knew this was coming years before and secretly made some preparations. Famous art like the Mona Lisa was secretly replaced (and saved) and people were killed who threatened to blow the whistle.  The rich had the option to buy their survival at 1 Billion Euros a head, which I assume is more than USD since it’s emphasized to be Euros a few times.  Anyway this brings up the societal dilemma that realistically everyone couldn’t be saved, so what should be done. Good stuff.

In the midst of all this is our man on the street character Jackson Curtis, a divorced limo driver and small time author. He stumbles onto the secret and saves his two kids, his ex, and her man who’s a boob surgeon. Most of the story centers on them. There’s also a rich Russian dude I really liked.

Danny Glover plays the US President. I like him, but not in this, he’s too sorrowful the whole time, no presence of leadership. Charlie the conspiracy guy is way over the top, but he does his job I guess.  Another laugh out loud  moment is watching an actor play Governor Ah-Nuld. Like many Schwarzenegger flicks, it’s so bad it’s good. The end had that something I can’t place that needed to be more suspenseful.

I wasn’t expecting much from this, considering it came from the people that made Independence Day, which I hated. Not to mention other bores like the American Godzilla, 10,000 BC, and that other much less interesting disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow. Surprisingly this was actually pretty good. I liked the characters and some decent emotion was thrown in. What I hated about movies like ID4 was they were all FX and nothing else.  Here the FX were absolutely amazing, and it worked to tell a decent story.

Between this and Korea’s Haeundae movie, it’s been a good year for disasters.



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