Another Wrestling Death,

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Wrestling
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It may be morbid to acknoweldge but a wrestler death is  a regular part of our news cycle now. We almost expect it. Test died earlier this year at 33, and yesterday Umaga died at 36. Details here

In the last few years a statistic floated around that 100 wrestlers died in the past decade that were under 50, and around 60-70 of them were under 40.  I’m almost 33, so Test was about my age, and Umaga was almost my age when he died.

To anyone my age reading this, this includes many wrestling stars we grew up with as a kid. Junkyard dog, Rick Rude, Big Bossman, Big John Studd, Miss Elizabeth, Earthquake, Bam Bam Bigelow, Dino Bravo, Sensational Sherri, Davey Boy Smith, Crush, Hercules, Road Warrior Hawk, Mr Perfect, Yokuzuna, Saphire, Texas Tornado, and on and on.

I couldn’t find a solid list with all the deaths AND when they happened AND how old they were, but decent one I found is here.

I can’t help but wonder is it wrong to just not like wrestling anymore? That might be unfair but you don’t see as many fatalities in football, any fightning sport, or racing.

The only comparable thing the comes to mind is rock n roll deaths. Many young rock stars died from accidents, murder, and drug related deaths. That list would include Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Bonham, Bon Scott, John Lennon, Randy Rhoads, Cliff Burton, Eric Carr, Kurt Kobain, Michael Jakson, and many more. (If you’re curious, look here

Even still, I don’t think you have so many young rock n roll deaths in such a short period of time.

What is it about wrestling that has lost so many young active people this past 10-12 years? Drugs, steriods, the grueling touring schedule? Bret Hart said he would have liked to have been home just one Christmas for his kids. If a wrestling event ever comes near my home on Christmas day, I will not go. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’d go period.

What do you think?

  1. Hi … I agree, completely, with your comments, but these are random events, not a pattern. If we compared similar deaths, in the non-sports or wrestling world, the result would astonish: few in sports or wrestling, a great many in the non-sports world. The Benoit incident, for example, exposed a fairly common result of too many concussions, in and outside of sports. The rock deaths, many coincidentally at 27 years of age, resulted from too much success, money and ensuing stress, which came too quickly. Speed, for example, provides a rush of energy and focus, reduced need to eat and sleep. The result is productivity, corporate profit, wins over life. Sometimes, socio-psychological issues influence the urge to abuse substances, but most often it’s corporate greed that views creative talent as widgets for exploitation. My 1.98 cents, in these days of economic turmoil. Streeter

  2. urdead2me says:

    RIP – Eddie Fatu, 36, nephew of the Wild Samoans & cousin of The Rock. In wrestling, he was the Samoan Bulldozer. Too bad he’s yet another pro wrestler who took too many steroids. He was so big it took 2 heart attacks to pin him!

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