Sherlock Holmes

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Movies

First of all let me say I don’t know how this is doing state-side but in Korea it’s selling out left and right. The last two nights I tried to see it but all shows were sold out.

This version of Holmes is billed an action hero, but it doesn’t take away from his sleuthing. In fact, his deductive abilities help him in combat, as we see from the first scene. Also, in the novels Holmes did know martial arts and how to box, and Watson had a military background, so the action isn’t really a stretch.

Anyway the story is about a Satanic cult and the apparently supernaturally powered leader. The regular cast of Holmes is present, Watson, Irene Adler, Inspector Lestrade, Mary Morstan and you know who. Mmmmmmmm. Downey plays Holmes brilliantly as a complete eccentric, brilliant yet socially aloof, who needs Watson to keep in check. Today’s audiences might even interpret him as being autistic. In between cases Holmes is completely bored and out of his mind. His place is a mess, as is his personal hygiene, and he’s always doing goofy experiments. He and Jude Law’s Watson are a great onscreen duo. The world of Victorian London is also designed very well.

Looking back there were suspenseful situations but they didn’t feel as tense as they should. I liked the villain but maybe he should have been scarier. Also, in this day and age a movie like this is undoubtley made with “franchise” and sequels in mind. Hence the end scene is purposely made wide open for a sequel. However, to set that up you know who is shoe-horned in too tight. Once you find out what’s “really” going on at the very very end, it seems too not make sense, or at least be a bit of a stretch. Thanks to that I liked it a lot less than I otherwise would have. 8.5/10.


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