Saw VI

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Movies

These movies usually come to Korea in December, strangely enough. The bloody Christmas tradition was broken last month, as the latest entry just came to Korea now.

Anyway this one storywise had potential to start off fresh and be a good entry point for new fans. The last few sequels were so intertwined they were almost the same movie. If I remember right, IV took place in the middle of III, and V was immediately after. Consequently I actually forgot which number Saw this was going into the theater.

This entry mostly starts off fresh, but still has some flashback sequences tying into other events. This was slightly necessary I suppose but could have been trimmed down a bit.

VI is the first one to try specific social commentary, first on the housing crisis (giving loans to people that couldn’t afford them, which is what really started the downturn) then more so on the healthcare issue. The main victim (Could he be called protagonist? I dunno) runs a health care company that denies customer claims to save dough. Perfect villain for our times. However he seems so much more deserving of punishment than Jigsaw’s other victims hence the suspense wasn’t as strong. The subplot involving the police investigation added a decently tense moment.

While not scary like previous entries it is pretty interesting. Like most of the series I was interested to see what happens next/how it played out. Like the first few there’s a few nice twists at the end, not mind blowing but pretty good.

The ending can almost end the series, of course I said that three movies ago. of course a Saw VII is planned. However, VI had the lowest box office return of the series, so it’s been said that VII might really be the last one. We’ll see this Halloween, or at least you will.


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