The Road

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Movies
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The Road is an adaptation of the 2006 Pulitzer prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy.  It is about a (unamed) father and son’s journey through America in a post apocalyptic world. Some unexplained disaster has devastated the planet, killing animal and wildlife, and mos people. Through the whole movie the sun is clouded by a thick layer of ash, leaving a dark gray dreary world below.

The father and son journey south and hope to get to the coast, which they think is safe for some reason. There are no other major characters, just people they have brief encounters with along the way. They must protect themselves from bandits and cannibals, as anarchy rules what’s left of humanity. Along the while the father reads stories to his son and teaches him morality, and the importance of being “the good guys.”

The disaster is never explained, but we know the son was born after it took place. We learn the fate of the mother in a series of flashbacks. As the story progresses the son has small clashes with the father over his need to socialize with other children, and his father’s distrust of all they run into. There’s also light religious themes, and the question of suicide as a viable option in a post apocalyptic world.

It’s one of those movies without a real plot, it’s just a bunch of stuff that happens. The world this movie creates is made very well and the acting is good. The father is not a tough action hero like Mad Max, he’s just a man scared for himself and his son. One scene early on was real scary, but if it was more sharp in it’s beginning, it could have been super super scary. The only minor gripe is the characters don’t change much from the beginning to the end of the story, they don’t really have an arc, but the seed was there for one. Still it’s a pretty satisfying film experience.  9/10


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