The Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches That We’ll Never See: #10

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We'll Never See, Wrestling
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Fantasy matches are something most wrestling fans talk about from time to time. Here’s is my list of the top ten fantasy matches we’ll probably, or in some cases definitely, will never see. These are all matches I’d personally like to watch. Other factors to discuss; are could the match have happened, would it have been good, what the angle/story could be, and if there’s any possibility it could still happen.

#10 Andre The Giant vs The Giant/The Big Show

Tag Line: Who was the Greatest Giant?

Could it ever have happened?

Obviously this Giant vs Giant match could never have happened as Andre died in 93, and Big Show didn’t start wrestling till 96. Andre was in a lot of pain during the last few years of his life, as evident during his last few matches when he couldn’t do as much. If Big Show could fit into a time machine and travel back to the early 80s it would have been quite a spectacle to behold. Would it have been a great “wrestling” match? No, but it would have been fun to watch.


When Big Show started wrestling in WCW, he was called The Giant. The story was that he was Andre’s son, which of course he really wasn’t. Had Andre lived longer, and if he could have wrestled in the mid 90s, they could have played with that. It could have went one of two ways. Either have Andre trying to right the wrongs of his son, or coming after him for falsely claiming to be his son. Either angle could have been interesting.

Who would win? If the match could have happened in the early 90s, Big Show would have won. Andre would have passed the torch to the new Giant.

Who should win? Andre, he is The Giant.


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