Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We’ll Never See #8

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We'll Never See
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#8 Behemoth Battle Royal

Tag Line: Battle of the Giants

Participants: Andre the Giant, Big Show, Great Khali, Giant Gonzales, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Big Bossman, Earthquake, Yokozuna, Mark Henry.

Angle: Who cares! Just throw the ten biggest guys in the ring and see what happens.

Who would win? If they could all fit in the ring without the entire ring falling apart, it would have been a fun match to watch. The final four would be the four tallest, Andre, Show, Khali, Gonzales. That would pair down to Andre and Show, with Andre for the win.

  1. Shane says:

    Hey Jim!

    I gotta say that this match would be terrible. A true train wreck.

    Final 4 should be Bossman, Earthquake, Show and Andre.

    Then, Show and Andre like you said. And, Andre would win so the angle could lead to a one on one match.

    But, you would need Bossman and Earthquake (or maybe Hakeem instead of bossman) to interfere so that later, Show and his tag team partner (Jericho or Miz) could spin off into a tag angle vs Bossman (or Hakeem) and Earthquake.

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