Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We’ll Never See #7

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We'll Never See
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 #7 Austin vs Goldberg

 Tag Line: Austin’s Next, Oh Hell Yeah!

 One of the most heated points between WWF and WCW back in the Monday Night wars was that Goldberg was an Austin rip off. I don’t believe this, but both have similar builds, are bald and wear black trunks. Still, they are different characters. Goldberg is an unstoppable juggernaut, and Austin is a redneck.

Could it have happened? It almost could have when Goldberg came to WWE in 2003, but Austin wasn’t ring active then. Just a few years prior this match would have been red hot.

Could it still happen? Goldberg was not happy with the product in WWE, so will probably never go back. If TNA was able to sign him, and then sign Austin, it’d be a huge boost for them, stealing a dream match away from WWE.

Who would win? If this did happen in 03, Goldberg, to put him over for a title run.

Who should win? Austin, he was the bigger superstar.

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