Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We’ll Never See #4

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We'll Never See
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#4 Ric Flair vs The Million Dollar Man; Ted DiBiase

Tag Line: The Man vs the Millions.


To Be the Man, You Gotta Pay the Price.

Why? Two of the best heels ever. One of WWF’s top heels of the 80s vs the Dirtiest Player in the Game. Not to mention both men are top notch wrestlers, and both have similar builds. This would have been one for the ages.

Angle: Of all the matches on this list, this one has the clearest angle in my mind.

Remember in the 80s when the Million Dollar Man tried to buy the World Championship Belt from Hulk Hogan? What if he made Flair the same offer, and he accepted?

Picture this. At a PPV Flair just retained the title in an incredible match against Sting. On the next wrestling show, he cuts a promo saying he’s beaten everyone and has nothing left to prove. He’s going to retire with the belt. DiBiase makes his debut appearance, coming to the ring and agreeing that Flair has nothing left to prove. He makes Flair and offer. After a few weeks, during which there is much protest from other wrestlers and on screen company management, the deal is made. Flair retires and DiBiase is the new World Champion.

In the next few months DiBiase defends the title against many of the top faces, Steamboat, Savage, Luger, etc. He cheats horribly every time, and is a despicable champion. Meanwhile we see vignettes of Flair living it up like no one ever has, huge limos, jets, girls, wine, suits, etc.

Finally DiBiase defends against Sting, (DiBiase vs Sting is a fantasy matche right there.) Flair is present, watching the match from a VIP section. Again DiBiase wins and treats Sting horribly.

The next night, DiBiase comes out to gloat, saying he’s beaten everyone, and he’ll be champion forever, etc. Suddenly Flair comes out, to everyone’s surprise. Flair tells DiBiase he’s been a terrible champion, and he’s disrespected the title, the business, and the other wrestlers in ways Flair never has. Flair reminds DiBiase he hasn’t beaten everybody. He announces he’s coming out of retirement, and taking back his belt!

During the next few weeks DiBiase tries to worm his way out of the match, but the company insists it go on. Flair has vignettes of trashing his expensive jets, limos, ditching the women, champagne down the drain, etc. In the ring he gives incredible promos while tearing off his expensive suit and throwing it into the crowd. “Money, cars, women, they’re NOTHING, without PRIDE! WHOOOOO!!! DiBiase!!! You say that everybody’s gotta price. Well you’re gonna learn that Ric Flair, DOES NOT HAVE A PRICE!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!”

In a last ditch effort DiBiase insists that if Flair has his match, he must return all the money, since he’s breaking their deal. This puts Flair in dire straights because he trashed all the cars/clothes etc he bought with it, hence he can’t sell them back. We’re sold on the idea that Flair is losing every penny to pay back DiBiase, having to sell his own possessions etc.

 Flair comes to the ring with a big pile of money on a table. DiBiase comes out to collect, when suddenly Flair burns the money right in front of DiBiase’s eyes. The Million Dollar Man flips his lid, while Flair pulls a Joker Ala The Dark Knight and says “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!!! WHOOO!!!”

 The match is still on for the next PPV. Flair returns to the ring without his fancy robes and girls, just plain wrestling trunks. No styling, no profiling, it’s all business. It’s a classic match. Just when Flair is about to win it, Arn Anderson betrays him, and Flair loses the match. Arn Anderson has been seduced by the money, but a rematch is on at the next PPV, this time inside a steel cage. It’s a bloody brutal helacious match. Flair is the winner and new champion. WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could it still happen? Not with that program obviously. Flair can still wrestle at 61, but DiBiase doesn’t wrestle anymore, so probably not.

  1. james says:

    Ted Dibiase and Ric Flair did wrestle in the Mid South in 1986 You tube it . It was a great match because Dibiase had been beat up by Flair and Dick Murdoch earlier and the match was cancelled.When all of a sudden Dibiase comes running down the ramp in a head bandage to fight Flair.Youtube it.Sting faced Dibiase numerous times in the UWF,This was when Dibiase was teamed with Dr Death Steve Williams and Sting was teamed with The Ultimate Warrior in 1986-1987

  2. jemurr says:

    Hey thanks James I’ll have to check that out. Of course I really meant Ric Flair vs The Million Dollar Man but whatever. Sounds like a great match.

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