Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We’ll Never See #2

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Top Ten Fantasy Wrestling Matches We'll Never See
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 #2 DX vs NWO

Tag Line Two Words For Life

Why? The stable that made WCW, vs the stable that re-made WWF. The two most controversial stables in wrestling history. Who had a bigger impact on wrestling, who was tougher, who was the baddest?

Angle: Of all matches on the list this would have been the most fun angle to watch. DX pranks/traps vs NWO beat-downs. In 2002, the NWO came to the WWF. It didn’t last long. Kevin Nash had repeated injuries, Hall soon left the company for personal reasons, and Hogan’s return was met with such positive reaction that he left the group and turned face/back to the red and yellow. That summer Shawn Michaels returned to the ring. If the NWO gimmick had lasted longer, and Hogan stayed with them, NWO could have feuded with HHH, (Which they were teasing at anyway, with wanting him to join) prompting him to bring HBK out of retirement. DX vs NWO could feasibly have been booked for Summerslam of 2002.

My number one scenario for the match is the simplest, NWO=Hogan, Hall, Nash, vs DX=HBK, HHH.

Another scenario would be the NWO recruiting Big Show/The Giant, leading DX to recruit the Billy Gunn and Road Dogg A.K.A. The Road Dogs. X-Pac would bring intrigue to the angle, as he’d been in both groups before. Who would he side with now? He’d go with DX since NWO would have The Giant.

Who would win? In a WWE ring, DX of course.

Who should win? NWO, with Hogan scoring the pin fall over Michaels.

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