Clash of the Titans Remake

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Movies

The Clash of the Titans remake mostly follows the story of the original.  It opens with a voice over about how the world was ruled by Titans until their children Zeus and Hades overthrew them and now reign as gods, staying immortal through the prayers of man. Down on earth a child has been cast out to sea and found by a fishermen. This baby is Perseus, who is in fact a demigod, part man part god, his father being Zeus.

Perseus as a boy wonders if his parents will still love him as his adoptive mom is expecting. His father assures them that they will. Cut to adulthood and man is growing arrogant, tearing down a statue of Zeus, which brings the wrath of Hades. In the process of this wrath Perseus’ boat sinks and his family dies, and he’s brought to the city of Argos.

The Queen of Argos boasts that her daughter Andromeda is more beautiful as the goddess Aphrodite, provoking Hades (As opposed to Aphrodite in the original) to declare that in ten days the Kraken (big giant monster) will crush the city unless Andromeda is sacrificed to it. However in this version it’s all a cover for Hades’ plot to overthrow Zeus.

Anyway somehow everyone finds out Perseus is the son of Zeus, seemed like a big plot hole to me. Some demigod lady shows up confirming the story, and the quest begins to find out how to beat the Kraken. They go to Medusa’s lair, cut her head off, and Perseus of course uses her gaze to turn the Kraken to stone.

There are some minor good points about this remake. Of course the effects are great, but these days great effects are par for the course. The beginning (as opposed to the end in the original) notes how the gods story’s are told in constellation’s. There’s really great effects of showing the starts and galaxies forming the shapes of gods and of the Kraken. I liked that a lot.  Perseus struggles with his identity, at first refusing any help from Zeus. (Namely refusing a magic sword/lightsaber and the winged horse.) His demi-goddes aid tries to train him to combat Medusa, that was neat. The Kraken reveal was real good and slow. For a while we only saw it’s tentacles, then legs and arms, and finally the full body. I liked its design except the head, which reminded me of Return of the Jedi’s Rancor monster. The head was too small.  Andromeda was not so much a damsel in distress, but was actually willing to go through with the sacrifice, feeling guilty that so many should die for her. There’s also an added element of a Hades cult that wants her dead anyway, but they don’t add much to the story.

What I didn’t like was I mostly didn’t care about anybody. Perseus was ok I guess, but some of the supporting cast just kind of showed up, came and went. There’s a relationship brewing between the lead and he Demi-goddess, but it’s real weak. Medusa’s reveal was way to fast, no build up for tension. Plus they made her an attractive monster, there’s nothing about her that’s frightening.  Also when Zeus and Perseus have their first face to face meeting it’s so sudden and almost devoid of any emotion. (Again, they’re FATHER AND SON, and it’s the first time they met) Also the King of Argos dies and there’s a Conan esque scene where Andromeda offers him the crown, which he refuses. This scene was very rushed, and I’m not even sure if Andromeda could have known her father died.

On another note I saw this in 3-D, it was the first time I’d seen a 3-D movie since I was a kid. I have to say the 3-D effects weren’t all that impressive. Nothing jumped out at me or anything. When I was a kid I saw the Captain Neo show, or whatever that was called at Disney World. It was this 3-D science fiction movie with Michael Jackson. I remember ducking as things flew my way and the film’s villainess being right in my face. How is it possible that 3-D effects from 20 years ago are more effective than they are today?

I haven’t seen the original Clash movie since I was a kid, so I won’t state if the remake was better or worse. That wouldn’t be fair. I will say though that to everyone who says the original was cheesy and corny, what do you think people will say about Avatar 30 years from now.

Finally in this day and age everything is set up to be a franchise. That’s not always bad but when your foundation isn’t solid it gets annoying. Hades is dispatched off very quickly, but somehow Perseus just magically knows he’s alive. Demi-god wisdom I guess. So father and son have that set up for sequel scene that’s only found in these kinds of movies. Zeus tells his son that Megatron, I mean the Joker, I mean Darth Vader, I mean Cobra, I mean Skeletor, I mean Mr. Smith, I mean Hades is still out there. But when he comes back we’ll be ready.

Hades may indeed return to threaten the world again, but if he does, I won’t return to see it. 6/10.

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