The Crazies

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Movies

The Crazies is a remake of a 1973 film. Set in Iowa, it follows the local Sheriff and his pregnant wife whose the local Dr. The opening scene shows a local baseball game and the town drunk walks on the field with a shotgun. The sheriff talks to him trying to defuse the situation, but ends up shooting him in self defense. Later the family confronts him, saying the man had been sober for two years. Later blood tests confirm he hadn’t been drinking. The Dr. later sees a patient who is acting very withdrawn and strange, and later that night kills his family.

Something seems amiss in the town and soon we learn that a government plane carrying a bio-weapon crashed near the town some nights ago. The government was going to dispose of the weapon but instead it crashed and contaminated the water supply. Soon the town is going crazy and the military closes in to quarantine the town. The two lead characters and other townspeople spend the rest of the movie trying to escape. Meanwhile they worry if anyone among them could be sick.

The Crazies is mildly scary, the premise and characters are good. The people become sort of zombies, but not mindless zombies. They can still do the things they did as humans, they can talk and still have their memories, but have an urgent need to kill. We didn’t see enough of the transformation, what the initial symptoms are, how it progresses, etc. Also there’s not really a clear government antagonist character. The military plans to wipe out the town, but it’s clear the whole incident was an accident instead of a more sinister government experiment. Later the Dr. sees a pile of bodies and says the government is killing everyone, sick or not. I’m not sure how she knew that. It’s almost like the screenwriters hadn’t totally decided if they wanted the military to be the bad guys or not.

There’s lots of little things just thrown out there. The sheriff shuts off the water supply himself after the mayor refuses to, but that has no effect on the plot. A soldier mentions the virus has become airborne, but there’s no real indication that’s the case.

Also the time frame is too long. It all takes place over 3-4 days I think. It shouldn’t have been more than two. The characters move through the town a lot without enough Crazy encounters. They try to play up on paranoia of whose infected, but it wasn’t strong enough.

Still the premise was interesting and was at least a little bit scary. 8.25/10


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