Shrek Forever After

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Movies

Shrek Forever After is reportedly the final chapter of the Shrek series.  It finds Shrek living the happy family life with his wife Fiona and 3 kids, with frequent visits by old friends Puss n Boots, Donkey and his kids.  Occasionally he’s frustrated over his lack of privacy due to family obligations and his celebrity (Tourists often drive by his home to get a glimpse of him). Tensions come to a boil at a his babies first birthday, where he wishes for his old simple free single life.

At this point he meets the films villain Rumpelstiltskin, who holds a longtime grudge against Shrek, but Shrek doesn’t know this. In a true Faustian moment Rumpelstiltskin lures him in and offers a magic deal where he goes to a world where he was never born and is free to be a true Ogre again.

Shrek is happy at first to be free to do as he pleases, but soon realizes he’s in a nightmare world where Rumpelstiltskin rules the kingdom of Ever After. In a nod to It’s a Wonderful Life, Shrek sees the fate of many of the franchises characters who have now never known Shrek. Puss N Boots is fat and spoiled. Donkey works for Rumplestiltskin. My favorite is the Gingerbread Man, who is a hardened gladiator that battles other gingerbread creatures for the townpeoples amusement.

The main plot point is Shrek has 1 day to find Fiona and get a kiss of true love from her in order fix reality. He finds Fiona has become a hardened warrior leading an army of Orges (as far as I remember we never saw other Orges in previous entries), and her militant disposition makes Shrek’s task even more challenging.

Still you know how it turns out. The climax should have been a real tear jerking scene, but it wasn’t at all, and in fact was just a tad drawn out. It’s not nearly as laugh out loud funny as previous entries, but is still fun to watch. The 3-D effects were ok, but nothing really jumped out at you. (Still it was better than the pitiful 3-D of Clash of the Titans.)

The word is the this will be the last Shrek. Who knows. But as I said three years ago Shrek might be the best film series ever, as it doesn’t have a single bad entry. Every one is at least good, if not great. 8.5/10.


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