Posted: August 30, 2010 in Movies
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Predators is a sequel to the 1987 classic that starred Arnold Schwarchzenneger. This movie opens with Royce, played by Adrian Brody, waking up suddenly to find himself parachuting into a jungle. He’s strapped with fireams, and when he lands he finds 7 other people that just experienced the same fate. Most of them are soldiers of some type, special forces, mercenaries, one is Yakuza (Japanese mafia), but one is a Dr.

Royce quickly assumes leadership of the group as they try to figure out what’s happening.  The last thing each of them remembers is seeing a flash of white light. (Which may remind audiences of alien abductions). Slowly they notice things like the sun moving very slow. There is a great reveal as they reach the top of a mountain and see the horizon, and different planets are visible. Now they realize they are not on earth. The planet they are on is like a game preserve. Humans are brought there to be hunted by Predators.

Next they are attacked by dog like creatures, and then encounter Predators. One character reveals their secret, and there’s a great reference to the first film. For the rest of the movie they try to make a plan to fight the Predators and get off the planet.

The pacing is great as they slowly realize their situation. It takes a while for the characters to start getting killed. Of course you can mostly guess who dies but as the scenes unfold they don’t completetely go as expected.

There’s no reference at all to Predator 2, the Alien movies, or anything from the Aliens vs Predator movies, games, etc. This is a great sequel in the sense that it stands on it’s own. It could almost be the first movie, in that it’s a self contained story. It is suggested,  with the prescene of a samauri sword, that Predators have been bringing people to this planet for a long time. There’s also a cool scene where the Yakuza guy uses the sword to take on a Predator. Overall it’s not as suspensful as the original, but overall is a fun ride.

Predators hopefully will revitilize the franchise after a lackluster sequel way back when and two mediocre Aliens vs Predator films. 9.4/10


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