Piranha 3D

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Movies

Piranha 3D is a remake of the 1978 Roger Corman film.  It opens with Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss as a fisherman at Lake Victoria AZ. One day he’s out on the lake when a major earthquake hits. The Earthquake opens an ancient cave where deadly piranhas have been living since prehistoric times. They survived all this time by cannabilizing each other.

They just so happen to surface during the start of spring break, when tons of hot college students arrive to do what college kids do. Most of the movie centers around the female sheriff, and her teenage son who is helping a film crew shoot the latest Wild Wild Girls video. (Think Girls Gone Wild).

Needless to say this flick is filled with 3D boobies and booty. One scene is so gratioutus it’s laugh out loud funny. The Piranha’s arrive soon enough to wreak bloody havok on the unsuspecting party goers. At one point the police try in vain to clear the beach, but are completely ignored. Mass death soon follows, as the Piranha’s have their best meal in millions of years.

Yet surprisingly it provides some scary moments. The cast does what it’s supposed to, and the effects are pretty decent. Christopher Loyd is the gem of the film, playing the local nutty scientist who just happens to be an expert on pre-historic fish. The gore effects were great, and there were actually a few death scenes that were horrifying to watch, like the girl whose hair got caught in a boat motor. I’ve yet to see a modern 3D film where stuff really jumps out at you though. This movie needed to have me jump out of my seat as Pirhana’s snap at my face. There were a few attempts, but they were not close enough. 

A few nitpicks. At night the sheriff gets in the water and finds Dreyfuss corpse. In the next scene she has the body on the shore and it’s daylight and she’s perfectly dry. Soon after that a cliff diver gets eaten by the fearsome fish, but that scene ads nothing to the story, and the victim was a non-character.

Still Piranha 3D is a surpsingly fun time at the movies. It of course leaves room for a sequel. Let’s hope that’s just as much fun too. 8.5/10.


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