Paranormal Activity 2 (Minor Spoilers)

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Movies

Paranormal Activity 2 is the sequel to last years breakout smash. It ups the sequel ante by having camera’s set up all through the house, as opposed to just the bedroom like the first one. It’s explained why, as the family in this movie had a break in at the beginning of the movie, so a housewide security system is installed. During the break in the house was ramsacked, and it appears nothing is missing except a necklace Katie gave to Kristi. As in the first one, soon strange noises are heard and objects begin to fall on their own. These strange incidents slowly escalate and terrorize the family.

The first surprise of this movie is that it’s actually a prequel. The first movie takes place in October of 2006, and this one is set in the summer of 06. Micah and Katie, the couple from the first movie appear. This movie focuses on Katie’s sister Kristi, her husband Dan, daughter Ali, and newborn son Hunter. (And their dog)

It’s slower paced than it’s predecessor, not as scary, but it’s a little more interesting with the story. More background on the family is revealed and we find out why specifically the spirit haunts the family and exactly what it wants. (And on a minor note we learn Michas inspiration for wanting a camera. The family becomes divided as the dad is more skeptical of the phenomenon than everyone else. There’s tension over whether to investigate the matter further or try to ignore it.

There’s a decently scary claustrophopic climax in the house, and then we see the opening scene of the first movie. For a few minutes at the end it becomes a sequel as we see the events immediately following the end of the first movie.

All in all it’s a great idea for a sequel to what originally was a simple idea for a scary movie. Again it’s not as scary but it’s at least a little scary, and it has a good story that leaves you wanting more. 8.8/10.

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