Posted: November 29, 2010 in Movies

Skyline is about an alien invasion in Los Angeles. The aliens themselves are giants, maybe 50 feet tall. Their ships shine this blue ray that hypnotises people so the aliens can rip out their brains and use them as energy, and they seem to need to do this a lot.

The effects look good, but good effects are taken for granted nowadays. There’s a cool scene with a stealth bomber, but the military is very slow to show up. They send one wave, then another a long time after. I didn’t get how the Air Force wasn’t on it right away.

 Also there’s no iconic destruction shots like other disaster movies have. Independence Day had the White House and Chrysler building destroyed, 2012 showed California sink into the sea, Vegas erupt in fire, and the Vatican smashed. Skyline shows surprisingly limited destruction.

This is because most of the movie has people hiding in an apartment complex arguing about what to do. We get some time to get to know the characters, their various dilemmas etc, which is a plus, but overall it’s just a real boring movie. It’s not as bad a movie as say Independence Day, but at least that movie had memorable moments. Skyline, in attempting to be more original, actually turns out to be a mishmash of Alien, Cloverfield, District 9, and Independence Day. Simply boring.

There’s no real ending to Skyline, it’s a completely open ending, left wide open for a sequel. If a sequel is ever made, I will absolutely under no circumstances go to see it. 1/10


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