Tron Legacy (Minor Spoilers)

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Movies

Tron Legacy is the sequel to the 1982 cult classic Tron, where Jeff Bridges played Kevin Flynn, a computer whiz who battles evil in a computerized world. The sequel opens in 1989, where Flynn, now with a young son, is CEO of ENCOM, the electronics company from the first movie. He’s had wild success designing video games like Space Paranoids and tells his son about the computer world. Then he mysteriously disappears.

Cut to present day, Flynn’s son Sam is a major shareholder in his company, but has nothing to do with it aside from occasional hacking and pranking the board. (Which adds little if nothing to the plot). Soon Flynn unwittingly comes into the digitized world, where he reunites with his father.

Kevin Flynn apparently was trapped in the computer world as Clu, his younger looking digital clone, rebelled against him. An opportunity for them both arises to return to the real world, but Clu is building an army to also go into the real world and conquer it.

Needless to say the effects are solid and updated from the first film. There’s some good fight scenes, but the 3-D effects as usual are nothing special. The major problem with Tron Legacy is there’s no tension whatsoever. Clu has no menace as a villain, and there’s not a moment where your on the edge of your seat.

Neither Tron movie was successful at the box office. The original gained a later cult following, which prompted this sequel which has yet to turn a profit. Regardless a sequel or two is being planned already, but when that comes I’ll pass. 6/10


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