Battle: Los Angeles

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Movies

Battle: Los Angeles is an alien invasion film that takes it’s name from an incident in World War Two where anti-aircraft artillery fired over Los Angeles one night in 1942 after the military saw strange lights in the sky. Some UFO-ologists claim what the military saw was in fact alien spacecraft.

(By the way in Korea it’s called World Invasion, and even says so in the title screen.)

Anyway this movie takes place in August 12th of 2011 what is thought to be previously undetected meteorites suddenly appear and fall in to the ocean and close to various major cities on Earth. In L.A. the military is mobilized as soon strange creatures emerge and start killing everyone.

Aaron Eckhart plays Michael Nantz, a Marine staff Sergeant who lost some men in Iraq. He and several other marines go into downtown Los Angeles to help evacuate civilians as the city it will be bombed in 3 hours. The other marines are introduced briefly as we see one is about to get married, one is soon to be a dad, etc.

What follows is a series of combat situations as the troops try to figure out how to beat the aliens. The creatures are not given a name and aren’t really characters in the story per say. We don’t see anything from their point of view and there’s no communication between them and the humans. They do have a nice slow reveal, first only seen in shadows, it’s a while before we see what they look like. They have heavy artillery but no laser guns or force fields or anything over the top like that. One thing to note is that they seem to actually use water as a fuel source. They crash into the oceans initially and apparently apparently lower the sea level.

Most of the movie feels like a war movie that just happens to have aliens in it. There are a few attempts at tear jerking moments, and Aaron Eckhart’s acting chops raise it up from just another low rent sci-fi movie. It ends in a way that could lead to a sequel, but does so in a way that makes perfect sense. If nothing else, at least it’s better than Skyline. 7.8 out of 10.

  1. Conor says:

    Doesn’t seem like there’s much to be said about this. Glad there’s no tear jerking – the characters backgrounds would prepare you for death and/or plenty of slow motion moments.

    Why is it always LA that gets attacked? Did the guys designing it not have the creativity to consider anywhere else?

  2. jemurr says:

    Well there’s attempted tear jerking but it’s not so bad. It briefly show cities around the world getting attacked like Shanghai and London. (My English friend I went with liked that). I assume the story was set in L.A. since the title is based of the WWII incident. Hollywood is reluctant to have their blockbuster type movies be period pieces, but I would have liked to have seen this movie set in WWII ala a good fictionalized account of the alleged incident. Actually The Asylum, a company that makes cheap knockoff movies of blockbusters, apparently made something similar to that.

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