Hanna: A Brief Review

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Movies

Hanna is an action thriller directed by Joe Wright that opens in the artic wilderness.  Hannah, a young girl, is being trained in combat and survival by her father Erik, played by Eric Bana. Saoirse Ronan plays Hanna. They have apparently lived in the wilderness for years, with him training her and teaching her language and other information through encyclopedias. One day, for reasons not entirely clear, they must seperate, and arrange to meet in Berlin. Erik is apparently an ex spy, and forces are after Hannah (and Erik) for reasons not clear.

Most of the narrative focuses on Hannah’s journey, as she is out in the world for the first time. Humorous moments occur as she has immense encyclopedic knowledge but no sense of how the real world works. Along the way she travels with a family, including a girl her own age and a little brother. These could have been stock characters but fortunately rise above that.

Near the end of the story we learn the story of Hanna’s parentage and why people are after her. It’s a story we’ve seen before but it’s done well and it works because you don’t know at first.

The action scenes are good and tense, there were a few scenes that looked like music videos which took me out a little bit but overall the direction was good. Good European electronic soundtrack, countries we don’t see often, if ever, in American film, good cinematography, and a nice connection from the beginning scene to the end. Overall this should be a surprise hit, and will probably be one of the better movies I see this year. 9.25/10

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