Thor Review, non-spoiler.

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU Film Reviews, Movies
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe expands with the new addition of Thor. Here we are introduced to Asgard, the mythical realm of the Viking gods (we get an explanation as how they were seen as gods). The basic story is the fall and redemption of a hero. Thor, son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), out of arrogance and brashness reignites and ancient war with the Frost Giants. As punishment, his father banishes him to earth, specifically New Mexico. Odin also sends Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, to the same area, where no one can lift it. Thor cannot lift it until he proves himself worthy.

On Earth Thor meets Jane Foster, who is studying atmospheric phenomenon that relates to Asgard. Helping her are another woman named Darcy, and Erik Selvig. Here we get some humorous moments, seeing Thor as a fish out of water, not understanding the world around him. My favorite moment being when he walks into a pet store and asks for a horse. Thor attempts to get the hammer back while learning the true meaning of sacrifice, and must stop dark forces from threatening Asgard and, to some degree, Earth.

The strongest point of this movie is the Asgardian characters and their relationships, mainly the family of Odin, and his two sons Thor and Loki. In brief moments we forget we’re watching a summer blockbuster/comic book/fx movie, and think we are watching Shakespeare. This was done on purpose by having Shakespearean director Kenneth Branagh. Among comic fans Thor was often thought of as Shakespeare with superheroes. There aren’t many surprises plot wise, but the acting amongst the supporting cast, Hopkins, Portman, etc, is really solid. The lead villain is a great character to watch. One scene where he’s beginning to manipulate Thor is framed excellently. Thor’s redemption scene is just a tad weak, but not by much. There isn’t much to work with on the Foster/Thor relationship, but it works for what it is. It’s not full on romance, but they both look at the other as someone completely unique/unlike anyone the other has ever seen.

Many action movies have useless enemy henchmen that have no chance of beating the hero. In Thor the heroes actually have a chance to be hurt. On earth, someone with the right training can get a few shots in on Thor when he’s without his hammer.

The special effects mostly were pretty good. The giant robot at the end looked great. Also cool is a shot of how the galaxies are actually shaped like the Norse mythological tree of life that holds the 9 realms. A few shots of Asgard looked really CGI-ish, but that’s really hard to avoid. As usual the 3d effects added nothing, and in fact may have hurt the overall look of the FX.

Before commenting on Marvel Easter eggs I’ll say over all it a higher quality movie than you might expect from a summer blockbuster. 9/10

Regarding the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s being built, there’s actually very few Easter eggs to catch, and none of them really affect the plot. MINOR SPOILERS.

There’s an offhanded remark about Stark.

Erik Selvig knew Bruce Banner, but not of his true fate.

Hawkeye is seen briefly at the SHIELD base.

There is a post credit scene but it’s not something you can guess.

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