Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: Child’s Eye and Why?

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Movies
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This year was the 15th Puchon (or Bucheon) International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFF) in South Korea. Covering two weekends and focusing on sci-fi/horror films (but not all their films are of those genres) it is my favorite film fest of Korea. I’ve been to every one since 2007, and this year was my last year to attend. Here are two films I saw.

Child’s Eye,  a 2010 Hong Kong film, is about three couples that are students in Hong Kong. They travel to Thailand on vacation, but get stranded there when anti-government demonstrators seized the airport (This actually happened a few years ago).  Not knowing what to do, they check into a crummy hotel, where strange events occur involving a tragic incident from the recent past. The truth revealed is very bizarre, playing of anxieties of things pregnant women supposedly should not do. It is one of the rare films that effectively use 3D (The horror genre naturally fits with 3D, you’d think more people would realize that.)

Child’s Eye has some interesting moments, but is bogged down by uninteresting characters. 2 of the students don’t even need to exist, and the audience has little to no reason to route for the main couple. It’s got a few scares, but not enough to kill the boredom. 6/10.

Why? (Literally translated from Why? in Korean) is a 1974 film about two older South Koreans that travel to Japan and run afoul of North Korean activists who want to steal money for Kim Il-Seong’s birthday celebration. The main story arc is about lost son’s and inheritance. It’s goofy from the get go, with occasional moments of drama and sexual deviance. I’m not giving a rating to this film, as I had trouble following some of the characters, but the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Tomorrow I’ll post a review of The Whisperer in Darkness.


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