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updated 1/23/13

Below is a list of crossovers between comic book characters and other comic characters and/or characters from other media. In that I mean a specific story where characters from one world actually met characters from another. This excludes some fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom, because to the best of my knowledge those games didn’t actually have a story. It also excludes incidents where a product from one world appeared in another, such as the Daily Planet newspaper appeared in a John Sable comic. Public domain characters are not included, with a few exceptions, as they are free for anyone to use. Also this website mainly deals with action/adventure crossovers, excluding characters for young kids like The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Super Mario and Sonic. Lastly this not saying that the characters in the worlds listed below are all in one Universe, as the Wold Newton Universe hypothesizes. It is just illustrating connections between various worlds.



Included in 616 Universe

The Volsunga Saga
Crystar (A toy line actually developed by Marvel)
War of the Worlds
Godzilla (Connecting it to the Godzilla Multiverse, which crossed with King Kong, and Comics Greatest World)
Doc Savage (Who met the Shadow, Shadow met the Avenger, Comics Greatest World, The Green Hornet, The Green Lama, The Black Bat, Miss Fury, The Black Terror, The Spider, and a Descendant of Zorro)
Conan (Connecting it to Conan Multiverse. Some believe that the entire Cthulu mythos is included in the world of Conan. Robert E Howard believed all his stories, from Kull, to Solmon Kane, to his non-fantasy stories (like boxing tales) existed in the same world. Conan also met Elric from the Eternal Champion novels.)

Included in the Marvel Megaverse

First it should be noted Marvel is now owned by Disney, whose franchises include;
Pirates of the Caribbean

As well as Lucasfilm Properties, which include
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Dark Crystal

Now none of the above seven properties have ever crossed over with anything yet, but I’m listing them because they are owned by the same company and could cross over at a later date.

Marvel also has under it’s roof.

Ultraverse (Crossed with Conan, and the Nightman TV show crossed with Manimal)
New Universe
Supreme Power
Possibly the world of 1984
Ultimate Universe
Marvel Zombies (Crossed with Evil Dead, See Evil Dead Below)
Transformers (Connecting it to the Transformers Multiverse, which include the various cartoons, movie, and alternate universe comics like revolutions, and various G.I. Joe crossovers.) Battle Beasts was originally a Transformers spin off. GO-Bots are also linked to them. Consequently the Go-Bots spin off Rock Lords would be as well. Also the Transformers toy line was derived from a Japanese toy line called Microman, which in turn was a spin off of Japanese imports of G. I. Joe.

G.I. Joe, who met danger girl. The 1980s G.I. Joe, Transformers, Jem and Inhumanoids cartoons are presumably in the same world. The world of M.A.S.K. is also now merged with G.I. Joe

Marvel itself crossed with

Star Trek
(A Star Trek novel refers to the movie The Stepford Wives, and TV shows Bionic Man, the Pretender, and Beauty and the Beast)
Dr. Who (Who met Star Trek)
Evil Dead (which crossed with Freddy and Jason, Xena, Darkman, Danger Girl, and Re-Animator)
Valiant Comics Which crossed with Image And Nexus, which crossed with Badger and several other First series (American Flagg!, GrimJack, Jon Sable: Freelance, Whisper and Dreadstar) during the First Comics miniseries Crossroads

DC universe and Marvel merged into Amalgam universe, which still exists. Access lives between both universes. Some time in one, some time in another. He can tell when someone has crossed over. Crossovers happen briefly (Marvel DC published crossovers afterwards) but Access makes it so no one remembers.

Also during the JLA/Avengers crossover one Earth was created where DC and Marvel characters existed side by side. Numerous Marvel DC crossovers may have taken place on this earth. Amaglam also has an Earth One version, where all the characters were in WWII.



Included in the DC Multiverse:

King Kong
Captain Nemo
The Shadow
Red Circle
Milestone Media
Charlton characters
Fawcett Characters
Quality Comics Characters
Gladiator (A novel that was inspiration on Superman’s Creation)
Wildstorm Universe (Formerly Part of Image)
The Wildstorm Universe includes the series Planetary, which includes homages to various fictional characters, from Pulp Heroes, to Tarzan, the Lone Ranger, Godzilla, James Bond, and even Marvel and DC characters.
DC Elseworld ties to Lone Ranger, Dracula, thematic ties to Silent Films like Metropolis, Nosferatu, Frankenstein, Island of Dr. Moreau.

The DC universe crossed over with:

Aliens and Predator
Danger Girl
Hellboy (Who met Goon (who met Dethlok) and Beasts of Burden)
Judge Dredd  (Which crossed with various 2000 AD properties)
Mortal Kombat (Whic had Freddy Kruger in one game, who fought Jason, who met Leatherface.)
Red Sonja
Thundercats (Which crossed with Battle of the Planets, which are adapted from the Gatchaman anime)
The Mask (Dark Horse Comics) Which met Marshall Law, who met Pinhead, and Savage  Dragon
Vampirella (Who met Lady Death, Top Cow characters, Image characters, Pantha, Kulan Gath who is a villain from Conan Comics, and Red Sonja)
The 99
Star Trek (Who met Dr. Who)

The Shazam TV show crossed with Secrets of Isis.

The Batman TV show crossed with the Green Hornet.



Image comics originally had 6 Studios of different characters that made up one shared universe. Those six studios are,

Extreme Studios, owned by Rob Liefeld. Characters in this studio are
Supreme, Youngblood, and Glory.

Highbrow Entertainment, owned by Erik Larsen
Savage Dragon, Vanguard, Freakforce, Superpatriot

Shadowline. owned by Jim Valentino

Todd McFarlane Productions, by Todd McFarlane

Top Cow by Marc Silvestri
Cyberforce, Witchblade, Darkness

Eventually an event called Shattered Image separated these universes, (acknowledging that Extreme Studios already split with Image before the story was printed.) Top Cow eventually struck out on there own, and Wildstorm was bought by DC comics.

Highbrow Entertainment crossed with
Mars Attacks (Who met Popeye)
TMNT, Who met Usagi Yojimbo, who met Cerebrus, both met Flaming Carrot TMNT. also met Power Rangers,which were based on Dinosaur Squardron.
Battle Pope,
Megaton Man,
Marshall Law, Who met Hellraiser and The Mask
Destroyer Duck
DNA Agents

Top Cow crossed with
Tomb Raider,
Joe Quesadas ASH,
Painkiller Jane
and Vampirella, who met Painkiller Jane, and Shi
Shi met Razor (Who met The Crow) Vampirella, Fallen Angel, Tenth Muse, which met Telios,
Frankenstein Mobster,
Also met Chaos comics characters Purgatory, Lady Death, and Evil Ernie,
who met Hack Slash, who in turn met Chucky from the Child’s Play movies and Re-Animator)

Wildstorm crossed with

Aliens. Aliens fought Predator.
Predator has crossed with Comics Greatest World (Dark Horse),
Which crossed with the Shadow, who met Doc Savage
Predator also met Judge Dredd, both met Batman.
Tarzan. who met John Carter
Terminator, who met Robocop.
Tomb Raider

Image as a whole crossed with Valiant

Evil Dead

The main hero Ash met:
Re-Animator, which is based on a Cthulu Mythos story. Cthulu appeared in a Ghostbusters cartoon.
Danger Girl
Classic Monsters (Dracula, Wolfman, etc)
Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kreuger (Who was in a Mortal Kombat Game),
Jason of which met Leatherface. Jason also appeared in an issue of Satan’s Six, which was part of a world of characters and concepts from Jack Kirby.

Monster War with Top Cow featured Tomb Raider, The Magdalena, and classic monsters,

  1. A mutual friend and a fan of John s work which he became acquainted with through San Francisco Open Studios made the introduction.

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