Paranormal Activity 3

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Movies

Paranormal Activity 3 is a prequel to #2, which itself was a prequel to #1. It opens with an adult Kati and Kristi, from the first two films, talking about old video tapes that were found in a box. These tapes apparently disappeared in the burglary from #2, though I don’t recall if those tapes were mentioned in #2.

So in this one there’s no story about how we get to see this footage, we just see it.

Anyway apparently in 1988, when Kati and Kristi were kids, they lived with their mom Julie and her live in boyfriend Dennis, who by accident captures something strange on film, and decides to set up cameras around the house. Dennis tapes weddings for a living, hence he has video equipment to analyse his tapes.

One thing he adds is a moving camera in the living room/kitchen, which is a nice touch. Another element I liked was in the girls room there were times when Kristi gets up at night and goes to the lower left corner of the screen, and talks to someone off camera. That was a nice creepy touch. Also we actually get to see the entity this time, albeit very briefly. Like the other two films we get the very slow building scares, along with story beats involving how kids have imaginary friends, sibling conflict, and growing tension between Dennis and Julie. Dennis also feels pressure from Julie’s mom, who doesn’t think he has a real job.

There’s also light moments, 80s references like Teddy Ruxpin, McGyver, and Dennis argues with his friend about the title of the film Back to the Future.

The climax features a light twist and moves us to a different location, which was refreshing. The ending is not as scary as it could be. It’s maybe not as good and 1 and 2, (see my but it keeps the franchise strong. I don’t know of any franchise that keeps moving backwards in time. I’d have to say it’s now officially my favorite horror series.

  1. Shane says:

    Yeah it is pretty good for a low budget series! I recently read that the 3rd movie cost 5 million to make, which brings the total for all 3 to 5.5 million! And, the 3 movies have brought in over 450 million in sales! It is perhaps the most profitable movie series ever!

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