Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash.

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Comic Books, Crossover Reviews
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Jason vs Freddy vs Ash has an interesting origin. The 6 issue comic book series was in fact originally a screenplay to a potential Freddy vs Jason sequel. The film project got scrapped, partly due to Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi wanting to remake Evil Dead (which to date hasn’t happened yet). Wildstorm and Dynamite comics joined to adapt the screenplay into comic book form.

The first issue opens with the surviving characters from Jason vs Freddy returning to Crystal Lake 5 years later for closure. We get a recap of the last movie before finding Jason still alive and the two other characters soon aren’t. Meanwhile Ash Williams is brought in to the local department store (The Super Mega Ultra S Mart) to help out during the Holiday Season. The main plot of the book is that Freddy is trapped in Jason’s mind, where he discovers the Necronomicon is in the old Vorhees house. (This references Jason Goes to Hell, the Final Friday) Freddy wants Jason to get the Necronomicon and use it’s power to bring Freddy back. In a twisted Pinoccchio type fashion Freddy promises to turn Jason into a normal boy.

Hence the three lead characters all get some good interaction with each other meanwhile hapless youngsters get hacked to death. Ash and Freddy have a great initial encounter where Ash dreams of having his hand back. The funniest scene is perhaps the dreamlike sequence where Freddy poses as a teacher and scolds a young Jason in failing to get the book. Another scene with Freddy and Pamela Vorhees is wickedly twisted. The Christmas season leads to some unique scenes of Jason killing in the Christmas spirit. Later Jason imitates Ash with a machete hand ala/Ash’s chainsaw hand.

There’s also a few acknowledgments of the previous films of all 3 series. Jason’s copy cat killer in (F13 Part 5) is mentioned, and a character speculates another copy cat killer was in New York. (It was really Jason in New York, which was part 8, but the character wouldn’t know that). Jason’s killings in Springwood (Freddy’s Home) are also mentioned. Freddy knows nothing of the Deadites (The demons from the Evil Dead series), but Ash speculates Jason is a Deadite. It’s also revealed that Pamela Vorhess read the Necronomicon to a young Jason and it’s hinted that the same book brought Jason back to life.

The art in the gory scenes is a little goofy, but maybe that’s the point. Most of the character designs are good but I remember one panel where the anatomy was off and one character actually looked deformed. Ash has a forced exposition scene early on talking about the Necronomicon but other than that the story flows well.All in all it’s a fun crossover story that I’d recommend for slasher fans.



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