Project Superpowers.

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Crossover Worlds, Crossovers
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Project Superpowers

Project superpowers is a shared super-hero universe published by Dynamite. It consists of comic book characters from the 1930s and 1940s that have since fallen into Public Domain. The characters and their original publishers are as follows.

The Arrow (Centaur Publications)
The Black Terror (Nedor Comics)
The Claw (Les Gleason Publications)
The Crusaders
Who in this story were soldiers with the same powers as the American Crusader, from Better Publications
Daredevil (Better Publications)
Dynamic Man (Dynamic Publications)
The Face (Columbia Comics)
Fighting Yank (Nedor Comics)
The Flame (Fox Features Syndicate)
Green Lama (Prize Comics, originally a pulp character)
Hydroman (Eastern Color Printing)
Miss Masque (Nedor Comics)
The Owl (Dell Comics)
Pyroman (Nedor Comics)
Samson (Fox Features Syndicate)
The Supremacy Target and the Targeteers (Novelty Press)
V-Man (Fox Features Syndicate)
Dynamic Boy
Dynamic Woman
The Supremacy

Original characters created for the series are The American Spirit
The F-Troop, loosely based on Frankenstein.
The Scarab, who is loosely based on a Nedor character of the same name.


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