The Comic Book Crossover That Could Have Been

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Crossovers
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These days in the comic book world licenses to many popular franchises are spread out among several independent publishers. In the late 80s it was not the case. Many big toy and other franchises had comics published by Marvel. These include,

G.I. Joe
Star Wars
Air Raiders
Chuck Norris and His Karate Commandos
Defenders of the Earth (A King Features cartoon featuring The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Mandrake the Magician, who together fought the forces of Ming the Merciless, Flash Gordan’s arch enemy.)

Also in the early 80s they published original stories about Indiana Jones. That series ended in 1986, but they still had the rights in 1989 as they adapted The Last Crusade.

Now I’ll guess that they would not have allowed to crossover with Star Wars. Still had the owners of the other properties allowed, (4 of the above properties were from Habsro) there could have been a huge crossover between all of the above characters and the Marvel Universe. Pretty much all the big 80s franchises are listed above, so it could have been the crossover of the decade. For the record, Transformers did cross with Spiderman, as well as G.I. Joe. So potentially more could have happened.

Finally if DC possibly could have been thrown into the mix, they could have thrown in their own characters. They also published in the late 80s, M.A.S.K. Spiral Zone, C.O.P.S. Centurions, and Doc Savage. The Shadow was also passed back and forth between Marvel and DC at the time. So if all the legal wrangling could have been pulled off, the two companies could have published the biggest crossover ever.

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