Skyfall review.

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Movies
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Skyfall is the third entry into the new Bond franchise starring Daniel Craig. It can be thought of as the end of the first act for the new Bond. The villain is revealed (fit’s not Blofeld) to have very personal reasons for attacking Britain and Bond. It may be the most personal motivation of all the Bond villains. Bond himself is taken to a place never seen before, as someone that is older and past their prime. I liked that touch a lot. It is also flat out stated that he has a drinking problem and psychological issues. Much more about his past is revealed than any previous film. We hear a bit about his childhood and where he grew up, which the title Skyfall relates too. It’s finally revealed that M does indeed stand for mother. Q is also introduced, who is a young hip computer whiz, reversing the generation gap of the old Bond series. At first I wasn’t enjoying this movie as much but toward the middle and ending it got a lot better.

The new Bond series often slightly removed him from the traditional Bond elements (there’s a nice nod to the old gadget filled Bond cars) of the previous series. This entry ends with those traditional elements put in place, and gets us ready for the next Bond act.

Skyfall is better than it’s predecessor Quantam Solace but still not as good as Casino Royal. Nice end to the first act though.

  1. Nostra says:

    I personally prefer this one over Casino Royale, but it’s a tight race 🙂

  2. jemurr says:

    Thanks for the comment. I like your site. I’m working on an all time movie list keep an eye out for that.

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