Wreck it Ralph

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Crossover Reviews, Crossovers
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Wreck it Ralph is a Disney animated film which crosses over several video game characters, and is the first film to my knowledge to do so. At a particular arcade set in the world of this movie, the various characters live in the world of their own arcade game, and also share a world together and can visit each other while the arcade is closed. This shared world has its own rules. If an arcade is unplugged, the characters essentially become homeless, as is the fate of Q*bert. Glitches exist, which are mistakes in the computer programming. Characters that are glitches cannot leave their game. Characters always regenerate immediately if they die in their own game, but not if they die in a different game.

The main story focuses on the titular character, who was designed to be a villain, wanting to get respect. He goes on a quest to get his respect which mostly involves two other fictitious games. The first being a Halo-like first person shooter called Hero’s Duty. The second, where most of the narrative takes place, is a racing game called Sugar Rush. Along the way he finds out the secret history of the world of Sugar Rush, as well as the hidden past of the world within the arcade.

It’s a great concept, thought out and executed well. The kids in the arcade have roles in the story as well. I’d be curious to see where else this goes in future installments, regarding both other games and kids in the real world.

The crossover characters do no per say play a main role in the actual story, but are mostly seen in the background. Some games have their characters present, others are mentioned in passing in the dialogue or other references/sight gags. Those games are as follows;

 Altered Beast

Dance Dance Revolution

Dig Dug

Final Fantasy


Metal Gear






Sonic the Hedgehog

Street Fighter

Super Mario Brothers


Tomb Raider


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