Captain America: Super Soldier. Late Video Game review.

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Captain America: Super Soldier is the video game tie in to the film Captain America: The First Avenger. However this is not an adaptation of the film, like the previous Iron Man and Hulk and most other video game/film tie ins. This game is actually official canon in the movie and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The way the Captain America movie plays out it is evident that he had many WWII adventures that were not on film. The video game is one of those specific adventures. It takes place in 1944 in a Castle in the Bavarian mountains. HYDRA, the Nazi deep science division, is doing super soldier experiments at the castle. The game involves going through the entire caste grounds fighting Hydra soldiers and uncovering their plot. 

As a video game it is average. There’s good fighting with a variety of opponents, and Cap has various fighting skills that can be upgraded. Along the way there are a few mini tasks like using encryption to open doors and hot wiring machines. There’s also places for Cap to show off his acrobatics by jumping to ledges and swinging from poles etc. These were good to watch but not really challenging as there wasn’t really a way to mess it up. Any difficulty involved moments of not knowing where to go, going the wrong way, or missing something all together.

The selling point to me was the story. The castle actually belonged to famous Marvel villain Baron Zemo. He does not appear in the game.but throughout you collect his diaries and uncover background about his families history, his eventual conflict with HYDRA and the real reason they arrived.

Apparently Zemo’s ancestors discovered a gigantic robotic like humanoid asleep under this mountain. The Zemo family have spent generations attempting to unearth it. HYDRA and the Red Skull learned of the legend called the Sleeper and have come to finish the job. (In the comics the Sleepers were giant robots the Nazis made.)

Chris Evans,Neal McDonough, Sebastian Stan, JJ Field, and Hayley Atwell, provide voices to the characters they played on film; Captain America; Dum Dum, Bucky, Falsworth, and Peggy Carter respectively. The Red Skull and Dr. Zola appear, but they are voiced by different actors than who played them on film. Also of note is that Zola operates a series of robotic suits similar to that of his comic book counterpart.

New characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe are introduced in this game as well. Baron Strucker form HYDRA appears, as does Madam Hydra and Iron Cross. These three characters are also bosses in the game. Strucker seemed to be the hardest even though he appears before the other two.

Along with the Zemo diaries you also collect Zola’s film reels. Most are inconsequential but it mentions project Master Man which is the project to replicate the Super Soldier Serum that makes Captain America what he is. In the comics Master Man was a specific character.

Lastly you get to see the Sleeper at the end which is cool.

Video game adaptations of movies are often poorly received. Having a game that is actually   in continuity with the film makes it, as they say in the world of comics, “actually matter.” I know the Transformers video games actually tie into the movies, and it would be great if future games followed the same route, especially for the MCU.

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