The Geekiest Moment of My Life. (Poem Video)

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Poetry
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Reading at the open mic at Woodstock in Seoul South Korea.

The Geekiest Moment of My Life.

It wasn’t even Dungeons and Dragons
that the average person might have heard of.
It wasn’t even World of Darkness,
Rifts, Gurps, Deadlands, or Call of Cthulhu,
that at least nerds knew.

The Role Playing Guild gathered in the dorms that evening
to play a homemade game
designed by one of our own members.
If only I could recall its name.

According to our character sheets
we are all aliens investigating an extra-terrestrial mystery.
We have strange names, equipment,
character traits and history.

We may have weaknesses
but can also achieve superhuman feats.
My roommate is a claustrophobic archeologist
who is allergic to dust.
We investigate the starship,
searching for clues, watching who we trust.

A student pokes his head in the window
wondering what on earth we’re doing.
The dice are out, the pencils are sharp.
We roll for initiative, and perception.
The game is on, and the TV is off.

I bet I was the only one who even knew.
It was Super Bowl Sunday.


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