Is it the Future Yet?

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Poetry
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At a house party in the Coal Region

hours away from the anniversary

of the dreaded Y2K

I turn to my friend and say

“You know it never really felt like the year 2000.”


I remember when it was the year 1987.

I was in the fourth grade

and could feel the future coming up fast.

I imagined rocket ships and moon colonies.

Cities with that old school sci-fi look.

Clean crisp streets, clear skies.

No garbage or filth before your eyes.


“It doesn’t feel like the future.”

I told my friend.

“We still have dirt, grime, and crud.”


In this room full of ashes he chuckles

“We still have dirt.”

laughing through the thick cigarette smoke.


The future is here, and we still have dirt.

We still have garbage.

We still use gas powered cars,

and my toilet still clogs.

My computer is too slow,

and the secrets of the universe

we still do not know.


In 2001 I had this conversation with another pal,

and he concluded to all of this,

“Where the hell’s HAL.”

From my poetry collection Almost Normal.

Hard Coal Studios


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