Iron Man 3 Review: Nonspoilers.

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU Film Reviews
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Iron Man 3 picks up after Avengers, and focuses on the character of Tony Stark and how he needs to differentiate himself from Iron Man.

Iron Man 3’s strength lies in this arc of exploring who Tony is outside the suit. There are various situations where Tony has to accomplish his goals, including combat situations, without the suit or with part of it, or with it only partly working. We get scenes with his friend James Rhodes/War Machine also outside the suit, but he’s obviously trained for combat anyway. We get a moment where both he and Tony are fighting outside of their suits, and James advises Tony in combat. Unfortunately this doesn’t last long. But I thought this also should have happened in Iron Man 2, so at least it happened here a little.

Early in the movie, a terrorist calling himself the Mandarin launches terrorist attacks against the United States, (His videos add a lot to the film) setting the tone for a more serious movie. However the tone gradually shifts into out-right goofiness. There’s great leaps of internal logic and moments that seem too over the top, even for a film based of the Marvel Universe.

You could tell it was going bad early on as just after the attack, Tony and James are sitting at a crowded sports bar, and in this bar full of people James tells Tony classified information.

Also, one thing about the previous movies, through all the disasters it seems there are no real casualties. This movie does at least acknowledge that people died in the attacks. However, there is one actual character that really should have died. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is facing the same critique that mainstream superhero comics often get, which is that things always go back to the status quo. I’d mentioned this in my Iron Man 2 review as well.

There’s quick references to SHIELD, and the Avengers, but no real Marvel Easter Eggs revealing anything new. I wonder why Mandarin was used the way he was given the ten rings group was in the first Iron Man.  

Unfortunately I have to report that in fact this is a very bad movie. Another victim of the curse of the three, and the first entry in the MCU that is generally not good. It will probably still makes tons of money, but I wonder if there will be any fallout.

There is a post credit scene but it’s purely for laughs.

Here’s to hoping Thor 2 is good.

  1. Dom says:

    After seeing it yesterday, I have to agree. I was so disappointed with what they did to the Mandarin and although there were some scenes I enjoyed, I was very disappointed.

    • jemurr says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah it was really disappointing. Even aside from the Mandarin it just seemed so goofy. And how did Tony still have all that stuff when his house was destroyed?

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  3. wylliamjudd says:

    I think it’s interesting what you say about character death. I watched Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises a week apart from each other. The tones couldn’t be more different for two comic book movies released in the same year. I found myself enjoying the zero-death tone of Avengers quite a bit. I think that it takes some skill to pull off the movie with no deaths, but I appreciate it when it’s done well. Also, when characters do die, I prefer when it has an interesting place in the plot, like it did in The Dark Knight (not rises).

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