Fast Review Fast Six

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Movies
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Fast Six is the fifth installment of the famous Fast and the Furious Franchise. Picking up from where Fast Five (Fast and the Furious Five) left off, Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and the gang are retired and living the good life from the last film’s big job. The film opens with Brian and Mia becoming parents to baby Jack, The Rock’s character from the last movie, Luke Hobbs, asks them to come out of retirement to help catch a gang of thieves intent on stealing military hardware. The hook Hobbs has over Vin Diesel’s character Dominic is that he has evidence that his old girlfriend Letty is still alive (having apparently been killed a few movies back).

So the old crew is back together, and it’s basically said out loud that their opponents are basically mirror images of themselves. As usual the action is over the top but in a fun way. There’s a nice angle of Dominic and the main villain named Shaw. Dominic believes in loyalty with his crew (a theme stressed throughout the series and one of its strongpoints) while to Shaw any of his crew are cogs in the machine that can be replaced. The Rock is so huge on screen he almost doesn’t seem like a real person. His opening few lines and scenes give this impression further.

The explanation for Letty’s survival is kind of soap opera-ish but is pulled off. It does open up a love triangle situation for Dominic that is kind of just brushed off at the end. There’s a great false ending that I almost wish would have just led to the next movie, but instead everything is resolved. There is a plot twist with one of the characters that I did see coming, but the false ending made me think they weren’t going there, but then they did. This twist did also explain a gripe I had about one of the fight scenes.

The true ending does set up the next film and has a surprise cameo that is sure to please fans of modern action films.

I’m a late comer to Fast and the Furious. Only in the last few years did I catch some of these movies. There’s still a couple I missed but it seems like a pretty consistent enjoyable franchise.

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