Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Movies
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Star Trek into Darkness is the second film of the J. J. Abrams rebooted Star Trek series. It opens with a tense scene of Spock putting a stop to a volcano that threatens to wipe out a primitive civilization, and Kirk saving his life and breaking the rules in the process by revealing themselves to the planets inhabitants. This leads to a situation where the two have a rift before investigating a fugitive terrorist.who blew up the Starfleet archives. (This is done with the reluctant help of man who is a member of Starfleet who has a terminally ill daughter. This plot point is abandoned after the explosion.)

The rest of the plot goes from this point as we learn the true identity of the villain  The narrative gives a few twists and turns and is a nice mix of action and character beats. The relationships between the characters is the film’s strong point.

I don’t know Star Trek lore very much but there’s a reference to the tribbles, and parts of the film mirror one of the early Star Trek films. At one point it appears the movie will take a gutsy risk in it’s ending, but does not.

There is a reference to a spaceship named Bradbury which I liked.

Regarding the first movie, some fans didn’t like the time travel bit. I thought it was unnecessary. One scene in this movie references it, but the scene is completely unnecessary, so you could pretend it didn’t happen if you like.

As someone who traditionally was not a Star Trek fan, I’d say this is my favorite Star Trek thing I’ve experienced. It’s a pretty good movie and better than it’s predecessor.


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