Frankenstein: The Last Man Part 3, The Sleeper Wakes.

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Frankenstein: The Last Man, Hard Coal Studios
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I ran back to the campfire to fetch my water pouch then returned to waking giant. He groggily moved his head as I brought the liquid to his lips. I let him have the entire contents, as he fully opened his eyes and looked up to me. This was the first human face I’d seen in so long. When was the last time he gazed upon another human? After looking at me a moment, his eyes once again closed, and he returned to his slumber. “No!” I couldn’t even remember the last time I spoke. “No don’t go!” I shouted, shaking his body with all my might. I could not bear to finally have another person cradled in my arms only to again be left alone. Gently I placed his head back in the earth and checked his vital signs. His heart continued to beat, and he was still breathing. Whatever his condition, he was still in this world.

While his heart lightly thumped mine pounded with excitement. I could not pull myself away. Under the starry sky I kept watch over him. Soon the sun crept up the sky into a new day. Still my new companion had not stirred, and late into the morning my body fell back to sleep.

A massive hand shook me awake. Looking up I saw this enormous man looming over me, his body blocking out the sun. I drew back and yelled out in fright. It had been so long I’d forgotten what it was to be in the company of others. He took no offense, but there was an awkward moment of silence, after which he said. “Thank you for sharing your water last night. I ate the rest of the meat but your pouch has been refilled and I caught another deer for you.” I could see the remains of last night’s catch had been devoured, a pile of deer pones lay to the side, while over the campfire a perfectly skinned deer roasted.

I leapt to my feet and embraced the man. He seemed very startled as I rambled “No thank you sir! Thank you thank you thank you!” Almost in tears I pulled back and continued, “I’m sorry to have been so startled. It’s been so long since I’ve seen… well seen anybody.”

“I’m used to it.” he said. I imagined many people may have been startled by him throughout his life due to his above average height. He inquired, “What do you mean you haven’t seen anybody? Are you a hermit or something?”

His question puzzled me to the point where I could not bring myself to give any answer.

“You got a name?” he continued.

“I’m, I’m just,  I’m no one.”

My bewilderment angered him. He mumbled something and shook his head and his fist for a moment, then pointed to me and said “Don’t ever say to me again. You got a name what is it?”

“My apologies sir. This is all so startling to me. For the longest time thought I was the only one left.”

“I went into the village this morning.” He continued. “There were a few bodies lying around but I didn’t see anyone alive. Why was this place abandoned? Was there another war?”

His questions were confusing to me. There’s an old expression that goes “Have you been living under a rock?” In this case it appeared he literally had. I asked “Do you really mean this line of questioning?”

Growing frustrated he pointed to the rubble and said “Look at where you found me! I’ve obviously been asleep a long time. Just humor me and tell me what happened!”

The mixture of confusion an elation were too much for my constitution. Reaching the point of tears all I could bring myself to say was “I thought I was the only one.”

He walked away from the fire and looked up to the sky. He was very still for a moment, as if he were looking and listening very intensely for something, anything. He looked back at the collapsed rubble behind me, and the few bodies that lay about. He then looked back to the garden. It started out small, almost like a whimper, then it grew larger and larger, his chest expanding and contracting; it was the sound of monstrous laughter.

“Hahahaha, oh you assholes! You fucking assholes! You people really did it this time!! Hahahaha. I gotta know, I gotta know, what did it? How did it happen what did you do?”

“I beg your pardon sir but what do you find so funny about a plague wiping out all of humanity?”

“Ahahaha! A plague huh? You idiots would wipe yourselves out with a plague. You probably made it as a weapon didn’t you? Oh and let me guess, the plague got loose and wiped out everyone hahaha. Gee I couldn’t see that one coming! I warned you people this would happen, but no, nobody listens to the monster! The monster doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s only been alive since before everyone in the damn room was even born!! Hahaha!!! Well whose laughing now boys!”

“I still don’t know why you find this amusing! No one knew the cause of the plague. I have no idea how it started. All I know is that everyone I know is dead and you’re getting a laugh out of it!”

He walked over to the deer, pulled a whole leg off and bit into it’s thigh. While chewing his food he pointed the bone towards me and said said, “Well, at least it wasn’t nuclear.”

Such language could never see proper publication, yet I swear this is how he spoke, and I feel obliged to tell this story as accurately as my abilities allow me. Who was this incredibly strange man? And what was some of the strange words used. Deciphered them to the best of my ability, but words like nuclear were beyond Greek to me. It was around this point my acquaintances regained their interest in the tale. One of the criticisms of my previous work was that I offered little speculation in what life would be like in a world far beyond our years. This was the one criticism I was understanding of, but as I’d previously stated I was merely telling a tale from the leaves of Cumean Sybil, and they offered no little speculation regarding scientific wonder. Here there were mild hints of it. The previously mentioned museum with it’s man made lung and kidney, devices for conducting surgery using beams of light, and other devices I simply didn’t know how to describe. It was around this point my acquaintances regained their interest in this tale. More surprises were to come as this narratives two characters tell their tale around the campfire. 


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