Frankenstein: The Last Man Part 4, The Last Man’s Tale.

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Frankenstein: The Last Man, Hard Coal Studios
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We sat around the campfire as I told him my tale of woe. Before the world had fallen I was called Lionel Verney. My life was steeped in tragedy before it even began. My father was a friend to the English King, but was abandoned due to gambling debts. I never knew my father; he took his life early on, and my sister Perdita were left to fend for ourselves. I was bitter towards the nobility that abandoned my father until I met Adrian, the Earl of Windsor, the last son of the King. He knew how my sister and I had been wronged and took us in. Those early years were among my happiest times. They were not to last. War broke out between Greece and Turkey. The city of Constantinople was raided, and there began the first rumors of the plague. England remained safe for a time, but the plague spread across Europe and the Americas. Soon it was everywhere. My acquaintances and I traveled across Europe in search of a safe haven. At one point we encountered a cult that promised salvation, but despite their denial the plaque reached them too. One by one I lost each of my loved ones until I believed myself the last man.

“Well Mr. Last Man,” my new companion said, “you may call me Aliquis. I apologize if my initial reaction offended you. I’m well versed in the follies of man. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for all of your loss. I know what it is to watch everyone you love pass on.”

“Well let us forget that now. I must ask, what were you doing here? How did you end up buried under those rocks? How did you survive?”

In the brief moments I’d known this man he always seemed eloquent, but suddenly he seemed at a loss for words. “I… I.. I came home.” he answered.

“Was your family here?”

“I didn’t have a family in the way you speak.”

“What about your parents?”

“I didn’t have parents, I never knew a mother or a father. “

“As I mentioned I never knew my father either. Did you parents abandon you?”

“They didn’t exist. I told you I never had parents. I was… created.”

“What do you mean you were created? We were all created?”

The eyes of Aliquis peered past me looking out into the night. He answered “I thought you said you were the Last Man?”

When I studied this newest addition to the Cumean Sibyl prophecies, it was only at this moment I realized this must have been the same narrative as the Last Man. In this tale the Earth had been ravaged by a plague. There was little information about it, such as the means with which it spread or the manner in which its victims died. The account seemed to indicate that it started in Rome, but this was all the information available. For a moment I regretted not being able to include it in what most believed to be my novel. However, upon reading the rest of the account, I know that the following events of vulgarity and violence never could have seen print. Even if by some miracle they could have been, it would have only given the critics more cause to call me sick and deranged for telling this tale they would presume to have come from my own mind.


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