Last Exorcism Part II.

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Movies
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The Last Exorcism Part Two, not to be confused with the Never Ending Story II, Final Fantasy XII, or  Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, opens with a creepy scene where Nell from the last movie is found in an animal like state in a young couples home. Before this is a quick recap of how Nell’s family was part of a Satanic cult, and now the teenager is in a group home for troubled girls in New Orleans. I think they considered an audience who maybe missed the first movie as they briefly went with the angle that the Satanic elements were all in the girls mind. It plays with this idea of mental illness in some good ways. Of course if you saw the first film you know that in this world the supernatural does exist.

Part II abandons the found footage formula of the first movie. This was an interesting direction. Also the premise of a girl being rescued from a cult and trying to put her life together is a good enough premise for its own movie, meaning one this sequel stands strongly on its own.

In fact Part II relies on almost nothing from the first film. The “found footage” of the first film turns up for a minor plot point towards the end. If you saw the first movie you might wonder what happened to the minister’s family from the first movie and perhaps would have wanted to see an investigation of his disappearance. However this movie is really about Nell coming to terms with who she really is.

As much as I thought the first film was interesting, it wasn’t really scary. Part II has a few scary moments, hence is scarier by default.

I’m writing this review almost five months after its initial theatrical release. This movie bombed (sort of) and was a critical failure. I have to say I really liked this movie. I’m not quite sure why it was received so poorly. Though in the most technical sense it did turn a profit; 15 million on a 5 million budget, it obviously came nowhere close to the 67 million of its predecessor, which also got good reviews. Hence it’s likely we’ll never get a part 3, which I think is too bad.

(Review of the first film)

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