Pacific Rim Review

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Movies
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Pacific Rim is the film where we finally get to see giant robots fight giant monsters. It’s basically a live action anime. The giant monsters, (the Japanese word for this is Kaiju, and has long been used to describe Godzilla type monsters) come from another dimension via some rift deep in the Pacific ocean. If I remember right the first Kaiju attack was in 2013, and then the movie jumps to 2025 and the giant robots have been designed and have been fighting off the monsters for a while.

Pacific Rim’s problem is the supporting cast is much more interesting than the main characters. We got two scientists with polar opposite personalities that don’t get along, but together discover a few good secrets, Chinese triplets that pilot one of the robots, a Russian couple for another, and a few others. The best character is Ron Perlman who plays a gangster dealing in black market monster parts. The lead character does have a female lead and the relationship does not exactly end with love, which is a nice change of pace at least.

It totally embraces it’s ridiculousness and over the top nature. There was a point mid-way through where I almost walked out, but things picked up a little towards the end. The robots were designed well and the monsters looked good but a lot of the monsters looked very similar.

The thing is that’s been created for this world is pretty interesting. There’s plenty of room to mine other stories. Kaiju attacks have happened for years by the time the main narrative starts. The idea of an illegal market for monster parts has possibilities, especially since apparently recreational drugs can be made from them.

At the time of this writing Pacific Rim has not been a big box office hit, so it may be another example of a failed attempt at a franchise. It can be added to a list including Battlefield Earth, Van Helsing, Green Lantern, and even this years Lone Ranger. 


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