Bucheon International Fantastic Film Fest Part 3. F for Forest and Frankenstein’s Army.

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Movies
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I went back to the Bucheon Film Fest on Friday and caught two movies. F*ck for forest is a documentary about a group of lost young people around Berlin that make erotic pictures/videos in order to raise money for environmental causes. It opens with a scene with one of the guys in the group confronting his family about his eccentric-ness. From here we meet the rest of the cast and their various activities. Eventually they get to the idea of going to South America and buy a piece of the rain forest in order to help the indigenous people. This leads to the most amusing part of the show when they meet with the local people who basically call bullshit on the whole thing. The locals can tell that these people don’t know what they’re talking about and inform them that what they really need is jobs.

It’s no surprise that this feature isn’t as titillating as the title suggests. There’s a point where I wonder how much of this was staged, but either way it’s at least an interesting look at people that cannot or will not fit into mainstream society and their outlooks on life and the world.

Frankenstein’s Army is a found footage film telling the story of a group of Russian soldiers in the closing days of World War II as they document a mission on film. Soon they are attacked by various people that have had various metallic objects surgically attached to them. People have blades for hands, helicopter propellers attached to their heads, etc. (One of them looks like the Bride of Frankenstein in a nice visual reference). Eventually we meet a scientist who is a descendant of Victor Frankenstein. (We see some personal belongings including I think some papers with the name Frankenstein on it.) He mentions how is ancestor used lightning etc. It has a good ending with the final fate of the soldiers and the scientist. One problem this movie had is the footage did not look authentic. They tried some effects to make the film look old but it really didn’t look like WWII era footage.

Still it was a good premise and a decent choice for my last film of the festival.


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