Snowpiercer Film review.

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Movies

Snowpiercer is a Korean/Czech film based off a French graphic novel. The premise is that the Earth has entered an ice age (due to efforts by man to reduce global warming that seem to have backfired horribly) and the lone survivors live aboard a train that circles the Earth. A class system has developed on the train where the poorest people are in the back and the rich are up front. Chris Evans plays Curtis, a man from the back of the train who leads a revolt against the poor conditions he and others live in. Along the way they meet a Korean Man named Minsu and his daughter Yona, who is psychic for some reason. Minsu and Yona were in the train jail and have knowledge of the inner workings of the train.

With this kind of movie you naturally wonder about the premise and how/why certain things happen. By the end of the film though it all seems to fit. The characters are very colorful and the action is good and has some suspenseful moments. I couldn’t help but seeing Captain America in Chris Evan’s character, but his character in this film has his own demons that eventually come to life.

Snowpiercer works with a unique concept giving some twists and turns and leads to and ending not entirely expected.

  1. lindsymoran says:

    It has a nice looking poster…

  2. It was great. The psychic thing was a little strange for me too…the only thing I couldn’t help but think about…


    Captain America’s big thing was how they were oppressing everyone in the back etc. but he ended up killing every fucking person! If they thought the snow was melting, come on, just ride the train a couple more years until it wasn’t just a polar bear and two people alive. I mean, what’s the rush? One of the first thoughts my friend had was “those two are going to die.”

  3. I2Q says:

    You have a good blog. I really enjoyed the movie “Snowpiercer”. I will be posting a blog about it on 8Ap2014 at


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