The Conjuring.

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Movies
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The Conjuring dramatizes the supposedly true story of the Perron family, which has five daughters, who in the 1970’s move into a house in Rhode Island that is apparently haunted. Eventually they get the help of the Warren’s, a husband and wife team of demonologists.

The film opens with a brief look at another Warren case of a possessed doll, (The opening shot is of the dolls face looking all creepy.) where it’s established that objects can be possessed too. It also establishes the Warren’s as they tour the lecture circuit. One scene that comes later in the film that I liked was of them investigating another house and concluding that there was no spiritual activity but simply noises houses naturally make.

The Conjuring is in the vein of other 1970’s horror such as the Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. It’s even shot like a 70’s film.  The scares rely on sounds and jump shots and work pretty well. The ending Exorcism is actually very moving, giving what they rely on to defeat the forces of evil.

The only thing is some of the back story didn’t make sense. We’re told that it’s not a ghost that haunts the house but a demon, but the rest of the supernatural events appear to in fact be ghosts. Also there’s a scene with two of the daughter’s that share a room. One of them wakes up and thinks she sees something standing at the door. The other wakes up and sees nothing. The family comes in and the first girl says she saw some person. Then she says the person said that her whole family was going to die. I thought “Wait, when did this happen?

Naturally I doubt how much truthfulness is in the story. Especially when after the fact I found out that the Warren’s were involved in that Amityville Horror thing which was a scam anyway.

Either way it’s a fairly effective horror movie that will stay with you long after you see it. I think when done well these kinds of stories will always work because it’s hard to imagine a zombie or vampire etc really coming after you, but we all hear weird noises in our homes at night. The scariest thing can be not a monster, but simply something pulling on your leg while you lay in bed at night. These kinds of movies put the idea in our heads that what if spirits really are coming for us in the night.

The Conjuring made just under 260 million on a 20 million dollar budget. Naturally a sequel has already been announced. The Conjuring has the makings to be a pretty good franchise. It’s challenge will be to maintain that level of fear through the sequels, which is a frighteningly difficult task.


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