You’re Next movie review.

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Movies
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You’re next is a home invasion thriller taking place in a semi secluded upper middle class home during a family reunion. The film opens with a couple being killed seemingly at random. The killer wears a white colored animal mask and writes “You’re Next” in blood on the wall before in between killing the two.

Next we’re introduced to Crispian, who apparently is an academic, and his Australian girlfriend Erin as the go to there parents home for a family reunion. We find out later that this home is close to the home from the opening scene. Crispian meets his brother Drake and his wife and there’s tension between the two brothers. Drake teases his brother about his weight and later makes condescending remarks that Crispian’s girlfriend is actually a former student of his. Later another brother Felix and his girlfriend Zee arrive, as does their sister Aimee and her boyfriend. These other four characters come very fast and I actually couldn’t figure out who Feliz and Zee even were at first. Meanwhile it is evident that they’re all being watched.

Family tensions erupt over dinner when suddenly Aimee’s boyfriend is shot in the head with a crossbow. The killer is outside and continues to shoot through the window as the action begins. Tensions continue as the household slowly gets picked off through a trap or two, and it’s revealed that there is more than one killer. The killers dress in black and all where the white animal masks. There’s a sheep and wolf mask and one or two others.

As the night progresses it is evident that Erin knows how to take care of herself and helps the family fight off the attackers. Her skills and abilities have to do with her childhood background, which her boyfriend Crispian isn’t aware of yet.

Like I mentioned before some of the characters introductions were a bit blurry to me, and while I liked the tensions between the family it did hurt the suspense of the first two kills, as some of the characters were unlikable anyway. However the suspense gets back on track as the film progresses. There’s a couple of good false endings and twists that keep the third act from falling flat as we find out what’s really going on.

You’re next was made for under a million dollars and to date has made 17 million. Despite the few minor problems early on it’s deserving of success and is a fine example a good film made on a small budget. It’s also a great entry in the home invasion sub genre of horror.


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