Posted: October 12, 2013 in Movies

In the world of the film Elysium, rich people (mostly white) live on this satellite orbiting the earth, a floating paradise called Elysium with machines that instantly cure disease and injury. Meanwhile the people of Los Angeles, and presumably the rest of the world, live in dire poverty and are brutalized by robot police.

Matt Damon plays an ex con in L. A. who, in a page out of 1960s Marvel Comics, accidentally gets zapped with a lethal dose of radiation. Using his past criminal connections he gets hooked up to a power suit and plans to raid the satellite (space travel is apparently easy to come by in the next century) to get cured, and accidentally gets involved in a plot where some one is planning a coup on Elysium.

The look of the film while on earth is dusty and dreary, and at some points actually looks like old film stock making it look like an older movie. It starts out with Damon’s character during childhood playing with a girl named Frey, and a Nun (apparently he’s an orphan) telling him one day he’ll do something important. So I liked the aesthetics of film, it’s not clean an polished while on Earth. The action was fast and chaotic as well.

Minor thing, on this satellite part of it is apparently open to space, allowing ships to fly in at will. There’s no accounting for things like, oh radiation, cold, little to no oxygen. ???????

I mostly enjoyed this movie but something at the very end lost me. Evidently Elysium has an entire fleet of ships loaded with medical equipment and a robotic staff that is ready at the push of a button to help the people of Earth, but apparently they’re hoarding it for the sole purpose of being dicks. Coming from Matt Damon I’m sure this was to be some commentary on the wealth gap and the current health care debate, but from strictly a story telling perspective it was a little ridiculous.


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